Welcome to The Isles Faithful Podcast!

Hello everyone and welcome to this new chapter that I am embarking on.

Welcome to The Isles Faithful Podcast!

For those that do not know me, my name is Michael Schuerlein. I have been blogging about the Islanders and the NHL since 2007 over on my blog – Islesblogger.com. You can also find me most days, Tweeting away on my main Twitter handle – @islesblogger.

Over the last several years I haven’t been nearly as active as I have wanted, I got a little older, met a girl, got married and had some kids. Our life is hectic, we’re always traveling for baseball games (often multiple leagues) and I still play hockey for Blue Point Brewery as well.

During my prime blogging years, I attended three separate entry drafts, including 2009 in Montreal, yes – the year we drafted “you know who”. I also attended 2008 in Ottawa and 2010 in Los Angeles. I’ve been featured on ESPN.com several times, been on a bunch of podcasts, NHL.com and was even the Featured Isles Columnist for The Bleacher Report for some time. It’s been a wild journey, and this is an extension of that journey.

Now, I know the “market” is saturated with Podcasts, and that’s fine. I don’t want to be just another voice echoing the same things you can find elsewhere. I want to maintain the level-headed approach that my writing presents, which is important to me. I am a fan at heart, after all – and despite being given the opportunities I have, I stay true to my roots. That said, my opinion isn’t strictly Islanders biased.

So what exactly is my plan here?

That’s a great question, actually. For now, I will likely get out a few episodes in the 30-40 minute range – with just me as your host. I hope to have a few special guests sprinkled in and eventually have a steady and/or a rotating cast of co-hosts. We’ll talk about current and future events, breaking stories and of course post game stuff as well. And why the name? What better way to let the world know how strong The Isles Faithful are, then by using the name the players dubbed the fanbase as themselves?

At some point this weekend, I will be uploading Episode One. I’m super excited – I hope you are too.

Please give us a follow on Twitter and Instagram and check out our Facebook Page, too. Content is light right now, but it will be gearing up soon!


5 comments on “Welcome to The Isles Faithful Podcast!

  1. Kevin McGuire says:

    Good Luck Mike!!!

  2. Marc Nicols says:

    Best of luck !
    If you really want to fill a void, a podcast after every isles game would be great. They never talk about it on sports radio and I would love to hear 10-15 on the previous nights game the next morning.

    1. Michael Schuerlein says:

      Thank you! I don’t know if I’d have time to do EVERY game, but that’s something I’d consider.

  3. John says:

    Looking forward to listening…good luck to you!

    1. Michael Schuerlein says:

      Appreciate that John! Hope you enjoy it!

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