Podcast Intro: Give a Listen

Hello Isles fans!

Been playing around with Garage Band and wanted to give a sneak peak at what the intro for the podcast sounds like so far. I posted recently that I paid a voice actor to lend voice to the intro to keep things professional sounding – I think it sounds good at this point. I have a few more ideas, but this is a starting point and obviously things could continue to evolve as we move along. I did submit a request to change my name pronunciation – as it was my fault I didn’t choose wisely phonetically….

I do have an awesome Isles chant/YES YES YES that @gwenisles sent me yesterday, but I’m not sure if it needs it or not. You be the judge, I have listened to about 20 different Podcast intros over the last week.

Give a listen below, let me know what you think!


I will most likely be recording episode one tonight, keep an eye out on Twitter, Instagram an our Facebook Page!

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