Talking Streaks With Dan From Isles Anxiety

Episode 38 comes at you fast and furious. Well, not so much.

In what should be the last of an erratic schedule of recording for the podcast (I am over this cold, finally), this episode is chock full of interesting tidbits during this odd NHL scheduling quirk for the New York Islanders.

The Isles have won their last 7 straight games in various fashions: come from behind victories, shootout wins, overtime wins, complete dominations in regulation and as Barry said – even games the team was clearly the luckier team. And that’s a good thing when you think about it.

The NHL is a fickle league where earning points in any fashion is of upmost importance early in the season. They often say that any chance you have to steal some points and bank them this early can only help you reach the playoffs later in the season. It’s also better to win early and build momentum during a time you can afford to work out the kinks.

As Dan Saraceni of The Isles Anxiety Podcast (and Lighthouse Hockey Contributor) and I discuss – the players and coaches are all aware of what they have to continue to do in order to find success. It seems nobody is wholly satisfied with their play and have yet to hit the gear they are looking to hit.

Who is this team and where exactly will that gear take them? All great questions that Dan and I attempt to answer in this episode.

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