Hockey Is Back, And So Am I!

Episode 49. I never thought I would be almost 50 episodes into a podcast, but I am glad that I am getting to experience this journey along with all of you great fans!

2020 sucked. I mean, really there’s no getting around that. Between COVID, quarantine and everything that’s gone along with it. That said, in the same breath you can also say that hockey was REALLY FUN once it returned and the Islanders did really well, making it to the Eastern Conference Final.

But, here we are – in January of all months with hockey starting back up. We have seven whole months to enjoy watching hockey, and if we’re lucky – talking about hockey here on the Podcast.

I have a brand new computer this season, my third doing the podcast. It allows me a ton of flexibility to do things with the podcast I have never done before – audio clips, music and maybe even highlights. Who knows how crazy we’ll get here.

Regardless, this episode is a primer of sorts – it’s to get me into game shape and it’ll only get better as we progress.

I go into some of the offseason moves (trades and singings) and all the new NHL mandates we are seeing this season as well.

Give it a listen, hit me up on Twitter and let me know what we should talk about next episode!

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